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When it is all you can do to get rid of it —

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Today it is all about Republicans and scandal. Behind the Links focuses on a few links that are too good to let go into the trash:

Being identified with Bush’s agenda ‘freezes the blood’ of some SMU professors#,” from Think Progress (3/13/09).
Rendell: Steele’s ‘days are numbered’#,” from Yahoo! News (3/12/09).
Texas Legislature To Honor ‘Dynamic Texan‘ Bush For Advancing American ‘Safety and Prosperity‘#,” from Think Progress (3/11/09).
Steele Says He’s Pro-Choice: Abortion Is ‘An Individual Choice‘#,” from Think Progress (3/11/09).
No quit: the campaign to boost Bush#,” from Yahoo! News (3/11/09). Jon observes, “I think we should round them all up and send them to that sun-drenched slice of heaven also known as GITMO!”
What the Huck? Chuck Norris’ roundhouse kick to the gut of American democracy#,” from Philadelphia Daily News (03/10/2009).
Open Letter to the Republican Traitors (From a Former Republican)#,” from The Huffington Post (3/9/09).
Four largest TARP recipients spent billions on ‘questionable transactions’#,” from The Raw Story (3/9/09). To quote:

Rather than using federal bailout money to reinvigorate lending to consumers, some banks that received funds from TARP have spent it on questionable items that have done little to improve the health of the country’s financial sector but have certainly helped out foreign economies such as Dubai and China.

For instance, Citigroup Inc, which received $50 billion in Troubled Asset Relief Program funds, made an $8 billion December loan, not to an American entity, but to a Dubai public sector company . . .

Conservative David Frum tells ‘Why Rush Is Wrong’#,” from The Raw Story (3/8/09). To quote:

At a time when most conservative Republicans appear prepared to turn into lemmings and follow Rush Limbaugh over a cliff, any article from the right that proposes to explain “Why Rush Is Wrong” is worthy of attention for its novelty alone.

However, the lengthy cover story of that title by David Frum in the current issue of Newsweek is important for more than simply going against the crowd. If the Republican Party is going to survive the next four years, it may need to stop hoping for an epic fail on Barack Obama’s part ..

Rhodes scholar from Alaska faces fraud charges*,” from McClatchy News (3/6/09). Betmo adds, “highly intelligent folks ALWAYS have to be ethical? i mean really- is this surprising? most successful frauds and crooks have extremely high iqs. as do serial killers- but i digress…”
Rove Hits White House For Thinking ‘Everything Through From A Political Perspective’#,” from Think Progress (3/5/09). Jon says, “I dream of rove, gonzo, cheney, bush and the rest of the bush cabal wearing prison stripes and locked up at Gitmo. The only reason to keep it open.”
John Bolton continues to have no clue but plenty of propaganda…*,” from At-Largely (1/5/09).

Bush Administration created executive pay loophole#,” from The Raw Story (12/15/08). To quote:

The Bush Administration inserted an eleventh-hour provision into the $750 billion bailout bill to protect executive bonuses, a single sentence that will torpedo efforts to reduce bonuses even as companies slash tens of thousands of jobs and use taxpayer money to gobble up other companies at fire-sale prices.

Pressured by constituents who worried that companies would take government aid and continue to pay their executives eye-popping bonuses, Congress inserted a provision that would penalize companies who took taxpayer money and shelled out outsized bonuses. But at the last minute, Bush officials insisted on a one-sentence provision. . .

Hat Tip Key: Regular contributors of links to leads are Betmo*, Dan’l+ and Jon#.

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