A Dream is but a dream . . . Really?

While you are in the dreaming state, it seems absolutely real. Those people who have “lucid” dreams report being aware that they are dreaming. If I am “day dreaming,” I lose the awareness of my surroundings and “get lost in thought.”
There are believable cases of dreams coming true, and reported dreams that foretold the future. There are societies in which the main topic of conversation is about dreams the members experienced, and are all working on during the day.
Beliefs about dreams are probably as old as language and as fascinating. For example, I believe in the possibility of a “Universal Consciousness,” into which all of us dreamers dip for information.
The mystery is that it is hard to really know the absolute truth about dreams and dreaming.  So I will share a few more little ideas over time and hope they are helpful.

The Quantico Circuit -- a Second Peek


Give Your Dream a Name

Congress' Spring Break is over --When trying to understand one of your dreams, it can be helpful to give your dream a name. In doing that, think about going with your first impression. What is the name that pops into your mind? That will often be the most authentic representation of the dream. In other words, don’t over-think the dream’s title.
Another advantage to naming your dream could be realize that you have had a series of related dreams. You may be working through a recurrent issue. The dream drama might be like Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, etc.
Naming your dream might, indeed, unlock the true meaning of your dream.