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Keeping a Dream Journal

People who wish to look further into their dreams might think about writing them down. Dream journaling has a long tradition and can be another useful tool in dream work.
A small spiral notebook and a familiar writing tool is all you need. Keep them near a light source beside your bed.
It is recommended that you write about your dream as soon as you awaken. Details escape very quickly as the waking day intrudes upon the dream space.
One method is to make notations about the “5 W’s”. . . who, what, where, when and how. Who are the main characters? What is the plot of the dream? Where is the action happening? What time period is it? How did the dream make you feel? Or what was the predominant “feeling tone” present in it?

Answer the questions in any order and don’t worry about the quality of your writing. Just get it down on the paper. You may have to work backwards from the end (or when you awakened yourself), to the start of your dream.

Writing in “stream of consciousness” style is also OK. And, if you can, name the dream. The first thing that pops into your head is likely to be accurate. While it is fresh, go back and highlight/underline what you wrote that seems important to understanding the meaning of the dream.

Date the dream, and note if it seems to be one in a series of dreams about one issue, or one theme. Write down any “day material” (usually within the past couple off days) that appears to be connected to the dream.

And, finally leave some space between the journal entries. You may remember something later that you want to add.

Sweet dreams, Friends.


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