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Day and days –

Seven days of dream postings raised a number of issues about which I’ll reflect as a wrap-up to the week.  Practically creative thoughts occur to me:
— The idea that I have a Dream-Maker has always intrigued me. I owe that force a lot . . . my sanity , actually. And, strangely, that entity has always seemed masculine in nature.
— Dreams have great power to enrich our daily lives. We can make sense of nonsense, make solutions easier and make ourselves wiser and more functional.

— Dreams are a subconscious activity coming out of the day’s events. The phenomena is the combination of:
1) integrating the most recent day material to match it with our biases, blocks, and beliefs;
2) psychologically processing the most recent events and thoughts, despite ambivalence and confusion.

Sleep well, my friends.


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