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Does a dream just happen?

When I have certain dreams, I ask myself, “Where did that come from?” And my first thought is, “Well, from my Dream-Maker.” But then I start to remember my “day material,” what was happening in my life in recent days. Those events and encounters form the most frequent sources of dreams. Add in your unresolved psychological “stuff” and you have a good amount of possible dream material.
But, did you know that you might actuallyly be able to help yourself have certain follow-up dreams? The process is called “dream incubation.”
Try this. When you retire, get comfortable. Get rid of distractions. Settle your thoughts. Pay attention to your breathing. And visualize briefly what you want your dream to be about. Say what your wishes are for the dream. You might want to learn more about an issue, solve a problem, resolve some ambivalence, etc.
Then just relax and “allow” yourself to sleep and dream.
Who knows what might happen.


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