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The Practical Creativity Model

Most of us admire those we call “creative” people. And unfortunately, too many of us do not see ourselves as among those who are “creative.”

If that is the case with you, here’s a new way you might think about it. I call it “Practical Creativity.” Use this model as a way to problem solve.

Step 1 – Ask yourself, “What do I need or want?”
Step 2 – Then ask, “What do I have already, that I can use to get to where I want to be?”
Step 3 – Then determine ” What do I need to get, to go with what I already have, to make it happen?”
Step 4 – Make a step-by-step plan.

The practical part is deciding what you need. Creative thinking comes into play when you admit what you really want. If you can find creative new ways to use what you already have, you are on the way. If not, it is often more practical to buy what you need to go with what you have.

The beauty of being creative is that you may not have to settle for only what you need. You could ultimately gain your heart’s desire.


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