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Telling your dreams

          “Sharing Dreams,” a poem

What do we know without truly knowing?

How do we see that we’re really growing?

There is a certain mystery in the telling of our dreams,

When illumination comes the way of stray moonbeams.

Will we find comfort as we risk together?  And in foregoing,

With temptation to avoid, will we miss Dream Quests’ showing?

There is certainty that pre history explored night’s mind screams.

We join with the ancients seeking Dream-Maker’s dark schemes.                                                                                                                 

Why come together to tell dreams when it is not easy going?

Will we be able to say the hard things if we’re not so outgoing?

There is certain possibility the Dream Journey seems like rowing upstream.

We might find it be too difficult to remember, find enough details to redeem.

Will others join the search, the dialogue of to-ing and fro-ing?

What thoughts, cares, memories, ideas will show new waygoing?

There is a certain common history in discovering Dream Themes.

When light arrives, we learn our shared myths are in the mainstream.

What if dream sharing is really for nurturing peoples’ on going?

Would we’ve believed Dream Community would be mind-blowing?

There!  It’s certain!  We now have new stories to tell our daydreams.

With wonder we’ve come to know things weren’t at all what they seemed.

by Carol Underwood


How people share their dreams varies widely.  Some write them in a dream journal.Some tell them to loved ones or friends.  Discussion might follow.

While I was facilitating dream groups, members would first tell their dreams. Then the group would give feedback or ask questions so that the dreamer might find the meaning in her dream.

Here is a link to a handout that I gave to my Dream Group some years ago.  It is a tool to use when you are exploring your own dream:  The Five Dream “W’s”

Here is the link to my 2006 MGM post , Bloggers share their dreams

My thought about telling dreams is that it is yours to own.  Others can help but your interpretation is the one that really matters.

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