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He is indefatigable. . .

My country (100x67)

The biggest thing of the day was President Obama’s SOTU speech, an hour long “barn-burner,” at least when it came to the issue of gun-control. Perhaps intuiting that that would be the emotional high point of the evening, many of the lawmakers attending wore green lapel ribbons.  Thus, both Republicans and Democrats decided to recognize those families who lost children or members of the school staff at Sandy Hook in New Town, Connecticut.

The President made newsHe urged that the federal minimum wage be raised to $9/hour. He wants universal preschool education for our children.   And he announced that 34,000 troupes will be withdrawn from Afghanistan within a year.

Reflections on my president:   He is tough, resilient and yet still he remains committed to change.  He has his feet on the ground and has ideas to make things better for those for whom real help is needed.   He wants a lot of things changed, and he’s willing to go over the heads of Congress to help get them passed. He trusts the people to pressure their senators and representatives to get some things of substance done.

Like many others, I suspect, I ended the day shortly after the two Republican/Tea Party “response” speeches were over. I did not listen to either of them, but worked around the house for a few minutes instead.


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