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The magic of paper.li

If you are active on the social web site, Twitter, skimming the news will be your mode of operation.  You will see the most recent 140-character posts from all those you follow.  But it is not as if you are reading a newspaper.

This is where the auto-generating platform “paper.li” comes in.  Tweeps are able to “publish” daily news pages featuring whatever subjects are of interest to them.   I am able to add or delete news items, move them around on the page, and add my own Editor’s note whenever I wish.

My four daily news pages include:

Speaking Up A platform for my favorite important voices.

Many of us admire activists who stand up and speak out for what is right.  I follow good people in Congress, prominent civil libertarians, popular bloggers, and effective journalists and writers. They speak up here.
I edit this material most every day.  By moving items, deleting ones that are not pertinent and adding my own,  it reflects my take on activism.

This “newspaper” is an auto- compilation from three of my Twitter lists:
Civil Libs – Activists
Bloggers and Blogs
Officials – Government


Keep Up With the Day

This is an edited auto-publication.

As the curator of my Twitter lists, from which these news items come, I take care that all the articles and headlines are those that are most significant, timely, unusual, or interesting to me.
It is one of the ways I quickly “keep up with the day.”

My lists of contributors to this paper (whom I follow) include:

Media Darlings

Reporters and Writers

Newspapers and Magazines.


Earth, Science and Space Happenings – –


Space, technology, the environment and science impact our lives daily.

This news source focuses on the Earth and its neighborhoods. 

Good causes working to save the earth and its creatures are spotlighted.
I follow astronauts, NASA, science and technology news-makers, etc.
Their posts are presented here every day.

Enjoy!  And then do your own part . . .


Mind Matters DailyAbout “Mind Matters Daily”

As a retired clinical social worker, I remain interested in psychology, sociology, brain science, dreams and dreaming.

This paper.li is auto-generated using my Twitter lists, Good-causes & Newspapers &  Magazines; as well as tweets from the Int’l Assn for Study of Dreams.
I personally edit the stories almost every day, moving or deleting to reflect my “take.”  And I occasionally add pertinent news items I find.



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