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All a-flutter with all that’s new

As a long-time computer user,
I am covering some of my favorite applications in today’s post.  They include very old “friends” and some new (to me, at least) exciting new discoveries. . . real jewels.

To begin, I’ll focus on the applications that are just now coming on to my radar screen.  To be sure, countless others discovered them earlier.  And it has been my loss.

  • Window Live Writer is new to me.  I used ScribeFire for some years and liked it fine, but it is not as powerful for improving the look of a post.  I am trained in graphics, so such qualities matter to me.
  • MS OneNote is the notebook app that came bundled with the Microsoft Office suite package on my new Dell  XPSL502X notebook.  It is not nearly as easy as my very favorite old notebook cloud app, Evernote.  But I continue to admire it because of its better overall “look.”
  • Clipboard is my new clipper; it replaced Clipmarks, which closed.  Again, it is cleaner, more powerful and better looking.  It also, as have so many have done, has incorporated the social aspect into its nifty little application.
  • Hotmail in Internet Explorer has been added to my (one public and one private) Yahoo! mailboxes in Mozilla Firefox.  And within the Hotmail app there is SkyDrive (their cloud site).  With this combination it is possible to synchronize  my shared local and web public notebooks in OneNote.

To conclude, my head is still swimming because I have taken on too many new applications at once.  However, it is often my way to compare and contrast, in order to settle on what I will treasure – and why – on a more permanent basis.

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