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Amplify, which began as a clipper, improves as social site. Amplify adds scheduling and more auto post capacity.

From South by Southwest

Socializing — Today, after far too long, I began to utilize the social networking aspects of Amplify.  It occurred to me that I was being a bit presumptuous by posting mostly, and not reading as often as the folks who read my stuff. So I reciprocated the “Following” favor with a dozen or so folks who also post here.  It is the least I can do, and I expect to be pleasantly surprised over time.  I will get to know some neat people and I might learn more about all the possibilities of this site.

Clipping — I became a regular reader of ProPublica years ago, when one of my favorite investigative journalists joined their staff before it even went public.  Combining ProPublica’s copyright free materials with the clip capacity of Amplify is a perfect match for quick publishing of significant news.  The nonprofit news website — “Journalism in the public interest” — publishes originaI investigative news pieces, which they then offer freely to be republished by newspapers and blogs.  The only requirement is inclusion of author and originator credit within the material.

Autoposting —  I remember when I first discovered the magic of autoposting from my three Posterous blogs to other places around the web.  This feature, now widely available, has cut down my copy-and-paste work significantly.  And I can post to link/bookmark sites with ease.  Today’s post will also be autoposted today to my Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Ping.fm and Del.icio.us web addresses.

Scheduling — For busy bloggers, being able to choose when a post is published is a big advantage.  Coherent sequencing is made easier.  Working ahead (or even behind) can improve the timeliness and placement of materials for those of us who publish at multiple websites.


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