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Right Wing and Left Wing stuff from last month

Emily’s List targets Palin and her Mama Grizzlies#,” is from Yahoo! News (8/17/10).

Stimulus hypocrite Barton attends groundbreaking for health clinic funded by stimulus#,” is from Think Progress (8/16/10).

40 Religious Leaders Denounce Sarah Palin and Fox’s Hate Speech#,” is from politicususa.com (8/13/10).

Congressman flips out when challenged on ‘terror babies’#,” is from The Raw Story (8/13/10).  Jon’s comment: “I hope you saw this on CNN.  This rethug Gomert is a total idiot, and he was a JUDGE? A product of Delay’s bs.”

Bush mockingly referred to Kristol and Krauthammer as ‘the bomber boys.’ #,” is from Think Progress (8/11/10).

A Gay Cadet’s Sense of Honor#,” is from Mother Jones (8/10/10).

White House unloads anger over criticism from ‘professional left’,” is from The Hill (8/10/10).

Once again: It’s REPUBLICANS who caused America’s exploding debt#,” is from Open Left (8/9/10).

Bush v. Gore lawyer: Same-sex marriage is a conservative value#,” is from The Raw Story (8/8/10). Jon comments, “WHAT?”

DeMint Tries To Rewrite History: ‘This Was Not Bush’s Recession’#,” is from Think Progress (8/6/10).

Force women to bear rapists’ babies, say multiple GOP candidates#,” is from Think Progress (8/6/10).  Jon adds, “lunatic fringe.”

14th Amendment Under Fire: Senate Republicans Propose Changing Citizenship Requirements#,” is from Vanity Fair (8/3/10).  Jon’s comment: “If the Dems had suggested this, the rethugs would be screaming to high heaven, but its ok for them to say it.”

Hat tip to my regular contributor for the links marked (#).


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