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Thanks in advance, Mr. President

President Obama is getting good marks for his recent speeches.  One of the reasons is because he has been speaking to live audiences.  It appears that he is able to take energy and animation from the interaction.  I believe that our president does not relate to an unseen audience, filtered through a camera. We shall see how it goes during his upcoming press conference.  I am not optimistic, but I appreciate his doing it at this point in time.  I suspect that he is not relishing the idea because it is a particular type of audience, far different than one in a stadium or gym.


President Obama is getting good marks from me for working so hard to help his fellow Democrats with the midterm elections.  He is going out on a “barnstorming tour” in key swing states.  And my hunch is that he is looking forward to it for several reasons. First he loves his airplane.  You can see it in his grin when he mentions it.  Second he loves to get out of Washington, and will often make opportunities to leave the confines of the capitol.  Third, President Obama is a good Democrat, despite his undaunted forays into attempts at bipartisanship.  He wants to help at risk members of the senate and house of representatives, separate and apart from his own political ambition, in my opinion.  And last, he needs partners for his remaining legislative agenda, not certain enemies.  Current predictions see Democrats losing one or both branches of Congress


On the other hand, Republicans may appear to be in disarray.  Losing Republican candidates seem increasingly unwilling to unite behind GOP nominees, according to Think Progress, (9/1/10#).  But it is not clear this is the case.  There are a number of competing factions inside the party, including members of the Tea Party.  But the swing voters identify themselves as Independents.  President Obama cannot save the midterms all by himself.  But his hard work and support is essential for this political year to be something other than a disaster.


# Hat tip to my regular contributor, Jon, for this link.


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