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I’ve learned to stay inside – but I am left with questions.

Often because of inclement weather, and for other reasons, I came to prefer being inside the house to being outside.  My nickname in the family was "the houseplant." Growing up in Wyoming meant a considerable number of days in the winter when it was too cold to be outside.  Living all my adult life in Texas has meant a considerable number of days in the summer when it is too hot to be outside.  Stay by the heater or stay by the AC, those are my perceived choices over spending time out in the weather being uncomfortable.  Far too cold or far too hot, what's to do?

In Texas where we have relatively few snow storms, kids and adults alike cannot wait to get out in the snow to make snowmen, slide down hills or brave the freeways.  I do not like cold feet, stinging eyes, skidding or falling down.  I'll skip those pleasures, thanks. But what if I run out of groceries?

I will also skip swimming in the lakes, hiking in the woods or golfing on the links.  I found out about golf in the summer in Texas one August many years ago.  As a young wife of an avid golfer, I felt duty bound to learn the sport.  I was fitted with clubs, cleated shoes and my own single glove.  Off we went, for a fun day.  And I was miserable.  It only took me one day to give up the sport, and embarrassed about the waste.  This houseplant just couldn't do it.  Knowing I am un-athletic, why did I even try?

I am left with  relatively short and perfectly beautiful spring and fall seasons.  And Texas has many beautiful or interesting outdoor places, including at my own house.How can I change old habits so that I don't skip those good outside experiences?

Of late, however, I find myself occasionally outside in the hot sunshine for a bit of Vitamin D, to go with my calcium, to go with my mild osteoporosis.  And my skin gets freckles, just like when I was a kid.  Or they age spots?

Maybe there is yet hope for me.

— Post date 8/2/10 by *Carol Gee,*

Author of:  *Southwest Postings <http://carolgee1southwest.posterous.com/>*, a political
blog.  Member of *Twitter* <http://twitter.com/GeeCarol>*,* a social network

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