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Learn something new today —

Today's post at Make Good Mondays focuses of a few handy new things I have recently learned.  You might want to try out a few of them to make your online experience richer and more effective.  These are ideas, applications or tactics that I have tried and found useful during the past month.

Mozy – Online Backup, Data Backup and Remote Backup Solutions.  For just under $5 per month, you can back up all the information you would hate to lose from your computer.  Once the initial backup is complete (which could take many hours), you can adjust the settings to back up only what has changed at the same time every day, or you can set it to back up info a certain number of times each day.  By purchasing one year of service, I got one month free.  I found the application to be easy to implement and it appears to be a solid company.

HootSuite –  People who use this social network Twitter often find the original website lacking in functionality. I first tried TweetDeck, but I like HootSuite better. An excellent Twitter platform, it calls itself "professional," and it is free.  The features I like best are the tabs, that organize my entire set of Twitter lists (streams) into specific categories.  For example, my "Daily Scan" tab displays these streams: Mentions, Direct Messages (inbox), my Web-Friends (a private list), Media-Darlings, Bloggers-&-Blogs lists, and my Facebook feed.  A second tab displays my lists entitled, Newspapers-&-magazines, Television-newsletters, Writers-&-Reporters, Earth-&-Space Folks, Civil-libertarians/good-causes, Officials-&-Government, and Texas-Twitterers.  A third tab "Other Lists," displays a couple of lists to which I subscribe, and my own lists called, Check-out-occasionally, Good-advice, and Utilities.  The last tab is "Collections," and shows my own Sent-tweets, Favorites, Direct-messages (outbox), my ReTweets, Featured-Tweeps and Unseen-followers (another private list).  Thus all who follow me, and all those I follow get put on a list at some point.  No one gets lost and I only have to read the tweets that are most important to me.  I can find what I occasionally need or want and ignore posts that are of lesser interest.

Additional References:
Links regarding the general subject of education from my regular contributor, Jon#:

  1. "US college degrees: Still the best among world's top universities?#," is from Yahoo! News (6/2/10).
  2. California passes bill to counteract ‘disturbing’ Texas curriculum#," is from The Raw Story (5/30/10). Measure ensures Texas standards don't 'creep into our textbooks,' senator tells Raw Story.
  3. "Today's College Students Lack Empathy#," is from Yahoo! News (5/28/10).

(date of post: 7/10/10)

by Carol Gee

Author of:
Southwest Postings, a political blog

Make Good Mondays, a personal blog
Member of Twitter, a social network


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