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Favorite Fathers Day Tweets

KatrinaNation (Katrina vandenHeuvel): “Best Father’s day gift: Generations in the Balance – http://nyti.ms/bwxPY1 .”  A wonderful Op-Ed dialog between Tony and Daniel Judt, Baby Boomer father and Bright Teen son.

jdickerson (John Dickerson): “When you were a kid, how many degrees of separation were you from the guy who had the father with the musical car horn?”

donnabrazile (Donna Brazile): 1) “Let us honor our Dads, Fathers, Brothers & others who made a difference by saying thanks. To my Dad Lionel, brothers Chet and Kevin – Luv u!,”  2) “And to all the men who treat women & girls w/ respect & dignity -2 those who honor our inner beauty, GRACE. Peace, blessings & much luv Boo.”


huffingtonpost (Huffington Post): “Father’s Day: The 12 Weirdest Father’s Day ‘Awkward Family Photos’ (PHOTOS, POLL) http://huff.to/aVHj9p.”

NWF (National Wildlife Federation):  “Happy Fathers Day! Read why the Giant Water Bug is the most misunderstood dad: http://bit.ly/ccbhkj #fathersday.”

Hegemommy (Jessica Pieklo): “Making breakfast while @phonetical sleeps upstairs. Have I mentioned it’s good to have him home? It is.”  “Phonetical” is Mom’s hubby.

sfoshee1 (D. Scott):  “Dads – they’re not around forever. Just pick up the phone. Today. #FathersDay

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