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Confessions of a collector – part 1,373

There is a phenomena called synchronicity. It means that sometimes things come together as if by magic. Today’s amplification is a perfect illustration. Yesterday I posted a tweet that said, “I am not sure why I am so habituated to HootSuite as my daily news resource. Am I now shallow? Is WHAT is news enuf? Don’t I need WHY too?” This morning I read the Newsweek article, clipped below. To explain, my own laptop dilemma is worse because I am a bit of a collector. My computer is the perfect place to digitally collect STUFF. Thus getting rid of stuff is a daily task. But along the way I inevitably collect more stuff for exactly the same reason as I physically collect stuff: because I might need or want it some day. The bottom line is this. I don’t NEED any of it. But I may WANT it. There is a big difference. So I must tell myself, just let go of it. Easier said than done, huh? http://amplify.com/u/625n

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