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BP’s CEO is also a champion of OVERSTATEMENT: Gulf drilling is not in the same class as bravery of astronauts

The use of over rationalization by a group of oil company executives marked recent appearances before congressional investigative committees. Their behavior, in this case blaming each other, was enough to infuriate President Obama to a degree not yet witnesses during his presidency.
In another wild stretch, the head of British Petroleum, hit a new low in a recent interview. All we can do is shake our heads in disbelief.

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BP’s Hayward compared deep water oil drilling to the 1960s Apollo program of manned flight to the moon and said that Apollo 13, in which an on-board explosion made it difficult for three astronauts to return to the US, did not stop the effort to put a man on the moon.

Except that greedily destroying the environment with offshore petroleum drilling is not actually very much like flying to the moon. And flying to the moon, for all the pollution it causes on the way up to the stratosphere, won’t destroy the earth. And the problems on Apollo 13, when the three astronauts barely got back to earth alive, weren’t anything like the gargantuan viscous black monster that Hayward’s incompetence has unleashed on the Gulf coast. And finally, for some posh arrogant foreign twit to invoke the heroism of James A. Lovell, Jack Swigert, and Fred Haise to excuse the greatest corporate SNAFU of the twenty-first century just about makes my blood boil.

In a BBC interview British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward said Friday that the massive petroleum gusher in the Gulf of Mexico, the greatest oil-based environmental catastrophe in recorded history with the exception of global warming itself, should not forestall further deep-water drilling.

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