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Health care reform is in the hands of Congress now.


Kucinich will vote for health care bill, says he’s bothered by ‘the attempt to delegitimize Obama’s presidency’#,” is from Think Progress (3/17/10).

Alexander Admits Senate GOP Will Obstruct Fixes To Improve Health Care Bill Simply For Partisan Gain#,” is from Think Progress (3/17/10).

Palin resurrects bogus ‘death panels’ and ‘rationing’ claims#,” is from The Raw Story (3/15/10).

Graham: ‘No Way In The World’ Is Massachusetts’ Health Care Plan Similar To The Democratic Proposal#,” is from Think Progress (3/14/09). Jon says, “The plans could be identical and the rethugs would say they are vastly different.”

Lindsey Graham On Obama Health Care ‘Spin’: Americans Are ‘Tired Of This Crap’ is from The Huffington Post (3/14/10). Jon mutters,”Jackass!”

Christian leaders urge Congress to ignore misinformation on abortion provisions and pass health reform#,” is from Think Progress (3/13/10).

Democrats to use reconciliation, so what is it?#,” is from Yahoo! News (3/12/10). Jon says, “The rethugs have used reconciliation almost twice as much! Hypocrites!”

Majority Rules#,” is from Newsweek Magazine (3/4/10). Summary: Seven arguments Republicans should not be making against using reconciliation for health-care reform, and the one that they should.


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