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Republicans called out — by name

Karl Rove — Bush administration

"Rove Is ‘Proud' Of Waterboarding, But Falsely Claims It Was More ‘Constrained' Than SERE Training" is from Think Progress (3/12/10). Jon adds: "Turd blossom is embellishing his version of torture that occurred under Lil'Bush!"  See also, here. Jon's comment: "Rove is a sh! stain on humanity! He needs to be waterboarded, and then thrown in prison for life along with Lil' Bush."

"Isikoff: Rove ‘never set the record straight’ about CIA leak case#," is from The Raw Story (3/11/10).

"Bush’s ex-spokesman: Rove ‘living in his own world’#," is from The Raw Story (3/10/10). Regards Scott McClellan.

"Karl Rove Book Exposes Lies of the Bush White House#," is from Politics Daily (3/5/10). Jon wonders: "Why is turd-blossom not in prison yet? Lil' bush's reign qualifies as treason!"

"Milbank: Karl Rove’s book ‘nearly made me choke on a pretzel’#," is from The Raw Story (3/7/10).

Glenn Beck — media commentator

"Church Uses Marquee To Speak Out Against Beck: Sorry Mr Beck, Jesus Preached Social Justice'#," is from Think Progress (3/12/10).

"Beck: Springsteen’s ‘Born in the USA’ is ‘anti-American,’ ‘propaganda’#," is from The Raw Story (3/11/10). Jon's comment: "Where does this idiot Beck come up with this garbage? I'm sure this has been played at a lot of rethug gatherings. Beck works hard to invent controversy!"

"Socially conscious Christians take the fight to Glenn Beck#," is from The Raw Story (3/10/10). Jon commented: "There are some good coherent comments. I think Glen Beck the hatemonger might have 'shot himself in the mouth!'"

"Glenn Beck Felled by Eric Massa's Performance#," is from Yahoo! News (3/10/10).

"Beck: The Census Is The Government's Attempt 'To Increase Slavery'#," is from Think Progress (3/9/10).

Rush Limbaugh — media commentator

"Why Rush Limbaugh would go to Costa Rica if Obama's health care plan passes#," is from Yahoo! News (3/11/10). "Go ahead and move there now," says Jon.

Sarah Palin — celebrity

"Palin: Writing on palms ‘was good enough for God’#," is from The Raw Story (3/8/10).

"Sarah Palin and Other Republican Stars Still Fetishize the Gipper 'What Would He Think of Them?'#," is from AlterNet (3/7/10).

Dissenters —

"Mukasey calls Liz Cheney's ‘Al-Qaeda 7′ ad 'shoddy and dangerous,'#" is from Think Progress (3/10/10).

"Ken Starr: Liz Cheney’s attack on DOJ lawyers ‘out of bounds’#," is from The Raw Story (3/9/10).

"Aren't We Cheneyed Out Yet?#," is from Yahoo! News (3/12/10).

State by state — 

Utah "GOP leader's skinny-dip confession stuns Utah#," is from Yahoo! News (3/12/10).  See also,

"Utah House GOP leader says he paid off woman#," is from Yahoo! News (3/12/10). Jon asks, "What's new?"

Oklahoma — "<a href="http://beta.blogger.com/%20http://thinkprogress.org/2010/03/08/oklahoma-divorce/“>After Telling Women, Gays How To Live, Oklahoma GOP Outraged At ‘Government Intervention' In Divorces#," is from Think Progress (3/8/10).

California — "Ashburn: 'I am gay'#," is from the SFGate: Politics Blog (3/8/10).

Tennessee — "Tenn. CEO compares Michelle Obama to chimpanzee#," is from The Raw Story (3/6/10).

"GOP: Law banning child abuse in schools will lead to ‘government takeover'#," is from The Raw Story (3/10/8).

Grand Old Party —

"The Oath Keepers: The Militant and Armed Side of the Tea Party Movement#," is from AlterNet (3/7/10). Summary: Meet the fast-growing "patriot" group that's recruiting soldiers to resist the Obama administration.

"The People v. Bush: How to Prosecute a President#," is from AlterNet (3/4/10). Summary: Our struggle for accountability is a struggle that takes us right to the top, to the “decider” and his gang of criminals. We can no longer afford political timidity.

"Hide and Seek#," is from Newsweek Magazine (3/2/10). Summary: The GOP talks a good game about reducing the federal deficit. So why is it ignoring Rep. Paul Ryan's detailed Roadmap?

"How the GOP Sees It#," is from Newsweek Magazine (3/1/10).

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