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Main Street Economy Not Yet Out of the Woods

Wall Street Took Your House and Your Retirement, Now They’re After Your Social Security#,” is from AlterNet (3/7/10). Summary: Wall Street tycoon Pete Peterson wants to bring IMF-style economic insanity to the U.S. The scary part? He might get away with it.

Banks shuttered in Fla., Ill., Md., Utah#,” is from Yahoo! News (3/6/10).

Employment data lift hopes but where are the jobs?#,” is from Yahoo! News (3/5/10).

Drivers complain that Toyota’s fixes didn’t work#,” is from Yahoo! News (3/3/10).

Toyota has blocked ‘black box’ data for years#,” is from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (3/4/10).

Economists: Another Financial Crisis on the Way#,” is from Common Dreams (3/3/10). Summary: Nonpartisan Group Led by Nobel Winner Calls for Stronger Financial Reforms.

Fed’s Fisher Wants To Break Up Big Firms#,” is from Business – The Atlantic (3/3/10).

Crist calls out hypocritical governors who condemned the stimulus but touted the funding projects#,” is from Think Progress (3/3/10). Regards the Florida Republican.

Profiting From Recession, Payday Lenders Spend Big To Fight Regulation#,” is from The Huffington Post (3/2/10).

Jo Comerford, A Budgetary SOS for 2011#,” is from Tomgram (2/28/10).

Toyota accused of withholding documents from courts#,” is from The Raw Story (2/27/10).

Americans Rise Up Against the Supreme Court Decision to Create Corporate Frankensteins#,” is a great advocacy piece by Jim Hightower at AlterNet (2/25/10). It says: “The five court corporatists seemed to think that their sneak attack on America’s democratic ideals would be meekly accepted by the public. Hardly.”

“Watchdog Group Warns Congress About Wall Street Oversight#,” is from The Huffington Post (2/23/10).

More than a hundred Republicans bash stimulus, then seek money#,” is from The Raw Story (2/22/10).

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