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Republicans in the news in recent weeks raise eyebrows —

"Guns at Starbucks? Pushing the Right to Bear Arms in Public#," is from t r u t h o u t (2/28/10).

"Despite Running A Health Industry ‘Trade Association,' Gingrich Says He Will Not Register As A Lobbyist#," is from Think Progress (2/27/10). Jon says,"I think Newt might be more evil than Lil' Bush, and that is a scary thought!"

"More than 275,000 will die over next decade from lack of health insurance#," is by Allison Kilkenny from TrueSlant (2/27/10). Jon says, "Words escape me to comment on these collections of cells who use their forums to spew their hate. May they burn in HELL!"

"With all due respect#," is a great rant against Senator John McCain by Paul Slansky at The Huffington Post (2/26/10).

"At Bush-Cheney Alumni Reunion, Bush Says Jimmy Carter's Criticisms Made His Life 'Miserable'#," is from Think Progress (2/26/10).

"Obama's Problems — and Ours#," is by Pat Buchanan at Yahoo! News (2/26/10).

"Palin: Health summit would have been better with beer#," is from The Raw Story (2/26/10). Jon thinks, "Osara bin Palin sure loves the spotlight!"

"Gingrich: '12 is Different#," is from the National Journal (2/25/10). Jon's opinion: "Typical Rethug, cheat on wife, find religion, dump wife, marry new girlfriend, run for office!"

"Democrats hit GOP candidate as ‘drunk driving enthusiast’#," is from The Raw Story (2/25/10). Regards a Republican candidate for the Florida legislature.

"Brown revives GOP moderates' role#," is from MSNBC  (2/23/10). Jon's comment: "A rethug with a brain and common sense, along with the guts to the right thing, in spite of party affiliation."

"CNN Poll: Majority of American people think government is broken#," is from CNN Political Ticker (2/21/10).

"Ron Paul dominates CPAC with largest, loudest audience#," is from The Raw Story (2/20/10).

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