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Congress Tackles Health Care Reform . . . again

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"W.H. Urges "Up-or-Down" Health Care Vote#," is from CBS News (3/3/10).

"Hatch Forgets About The Bush Years, Claims Reconciliation Is Meant To ‘Balance The Budget'#," is from Think Progress (3/2/10). Jon says, "There they go again; selective memory."

"What the Debate Should Be About#," is by Howard Fineman at Newsweek Magazine (3/1/10).   Howard says, "I got sick in South America, and I realized what the health-care debate in this country should be about: costs."

"Buffett: Health care 'tapeworm' drags on economy#," is from Yahoo! News (3/1/10).

"Sen. Alexander: Using Reconciliation To Pass Health Care Reform Would ‘End The Senate'#," is from Think Progress (2/28/10).

"Cantor: We need 'to get more people uninsured'#," is from The Raw Story (2/28/10). Jon wonders: "Freudian slip? Or his subconscious speaking his true feelings!"

"Lamar Alexander: Health Care Bill A 'Political Kamikaze Mission'#," is from The Huffington Post  (2/28/10).

"Kyl: Reconciliation Is A Perfectly Legitimate Legislative Process To Deal With Budgetary Matters'#," is from The Raw Story (2/26/10).

"Analysis: Politics and posing trump health policy#," is from Yahoo! News (2/26/10).

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