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Congress links: Tax extenders



"Bunning Accepts Deal On Jobless Benefits#," is from The Huffington Post (3/2/10).

"GOP's Bunning relents, OKs action on jobless bill#," is from Yahoo! News (3/2/10).

"FLASHBACK: Bunning Enthusiastically Backed Extending Unemployment Benefits That Weren't Paid For In 2003#," is from Think Progress (3/2/10). Jon's assessment: "HYPOCRITE!"

"Thousands Of Federal Workers Are Furloughed Without Pay Today Because Of Sen. Bunning's Partisanship#," is from Think Progress (3/1/10).

"Jim Bunning Repeatedly Blocks Unemployment Benefits Extension, Tells Dem 'Tough Shit'#," is from The Huffington Post (2/26/10). Jon commented, "I'm sure the unemployed voters in Bunning's state will remember the help and compassion shown by this cretin, Bunning." 


"The GOP Hates Jobs#," is by SpeakEasy at AlterNet (3/2/10).  Jon observes: "Too bad the rethugs were not this budget minded when li'l bush was running up the credit card like a drunken sailor!

"GOP Senators Discover U.S. Isn't Broke, O.K. Billions for Jobs#," is from Yahoo! News (2/25/10).

"The Gang That Can't Think Straight: 6 GOP Senators Vote For Jobs Bill After Joining Filibuster Two Days Earlier#," is from Think Progress (2/24/10).

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