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War and foreign policy in the news


"McCain on military’s gay ban: ‘I believe that it’s working’#," is from The Raw Story (2/28/10). Jon commented: "I guess he doesn't trust the opinion of the military leaders after all. Flip-flop McInsane! Poster child for term LIMITS!"

"Leahy Calls For Justice Department Investigation Into Missing John Yoo Emails#," is from Think Progress (2/26/10).

"Afghanistan “Awash with US Cash and US Blood”#," is a statement by Rep. Dennis Kucinich from Common Dreams (2/26/10).

"Maddow: Rep. Steve King hopes suicide pilot gets his 'happy day'#," is from The Raw Story (2/25/10). It involves a conversation with Glenn Greenwald.  Jon thinks it's "typical RETHUG behavior."

"Scahill: Blackwater used shell company to defraud US government#," is from The Raw Story (2/25/10).

"Blackwater Workers Took Police Assault Rifles, Hearing Told#," is from Common Dreams (2/24/10).

"Clinton: Obstruction Of Nominees Is Hurting America Abroad#," is from The Huffington Post  (2/24/10).  Jon's comment: "The rethugs could care less, as long as they can obstruct Obama's plans, so they can strut for their supporters and say look at me! The rethugs don't care what damage to the country's relationships they cause!"

"CIA inspector general was ‘bothered’ by ‘excessive’ waterboarding#," is from The Raw Story (2/24/10).

"Top Republican Investigator Rep. Issa Indicates Openness To Probing Saudi Ownership Of Fox News#," is from Think Progress (2/23/10). 

"Steve King To Conservatives: 'Implode' IRS Offices#," is from Talking Points Memo (2/22/10). Jon thinks, "This sounds like a terroristic threat!" 

"Planet War#," is a stunning photo essay from Foreign Policy Magazine (2/22/10).

"The Shooting War: Images from the World's Most Acclaimed Conflict Photographers#," is from Foreign Policy (2/22/10).

"Bill would ban security contractors from war zones#," is from The Raw Story (2/22/10). Jon thinks, "the rethugs will fight this." 

"What Makes Us Think We Can Help 'Govern' Afghanistan?#," is from AlterNet (2/21/10).  Summary: Why do American officials think they have the special ability to teach Afghans to embark on good governance in their country if we can't do it in Washington?

"<a href="http://beta.blogger.com/%20http://rawstory.com/news/afp/US_congressmen_say_Israeli_minister_02172010.html“>US congressmen say Israeli minister snubbed them#," is from The Raw Story (2/17/10). Jon says, "If they feel we have not kissed their behind enough, then they should find another supporter!"

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