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Branded “virtuous” — a tale of our city

My roommate/husband/sig-other/spouse passed his garbage/recycling inspection with flying colors. My sweetheart recently recounted the momentous event as it occurred at our house, describing how he was so was happy to receive the Head Inspector's "Good Job!"
He had been near the street when the team of four city employees began their march up our boulevard. The identically uniformed crew consisted of one citation writer, two workers to sort and bag the offending items, and a supervisor. Their appearance set his heart to racing in panic, as the potential fine is very steep for a couple on Social Security.  Not to mention the threat of abject shame involved as the squad poked through the big brown bin, looking for illegal garbage.
To forestall such a disgrace, my roommate surreptitiously removed a short length of wire that he suddenly remembered was on the forbidden list of items that can be recycled before the team got to him.  Whew!  Just in the knick of time to avert those frowns and fines.

Happy to be able to report that his virtue had been affirmed, he took me to the window to see all the little bags of shame strewn up and down in our neighbors' yards.  Citations given out, the squad  had done well in our neighborhood, easing the plight of our strapped city coffers for another day.


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