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Mountain majesty, a reprise

(Original date of this post – 12/24/05)

There are major sensual advantages to growing up near mountains. Your eyes always have a beautiful horizon upon which to rest themselves. Chinook winds, rolling down from the mountains, can bring unexpected thaws of snow.

People, heated by too much summer, can go to the mountains for a cool evening and a warm fire. Tall pines make music as breezes pass through thick branches. The smell of pines remains imprinted years after the experience, only to be recalled by a beach side Christmas tree.

A mountain picnic on a checkered cloth never again will taste quite the same. Mountain thunderstorms boom with a grandeur unmatched on flatter terrain. Granite boulders feel cool to the touch on a summer day, because they spent the night in at cooler altitude. These memories stored by my senses are very precious to me.

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