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Bits About Twitter

Twitter is in a way a very “social” site, so people come to know you from your profile page and from your tweets. Since it is a social site, it is about with whom you network. I follow 58 members. I do not know why (27) people are following me since I began Feb. 26th. I have posted 168 tweets. I have some followers that I do not choose to follow because they are more “commercial” than interesting. You can tell this from their profile page because they follow hundreds or thousands. In other words, following reciprocity is not required. And you can always unfollow someone after a trial period if they aren’t keeping your interest. The main reason, by the way, that I like Twitter is for keeping up with the very latest news.

Some people are very self-disclosing and some are “all business.” Senator Claire McKaskill advised in a tweet, “Be candid & random to keep it interesting.” I’ve heard it said that no more than 20 tweets per day is reasonable number. I like to follow writers who are Quirky & Outrageous (AnnaMarieCox), Scary Smart (ChrisLHayes), Funny (PourMeCoffee), Newsy (MarkKnoller), or wonderfully accessible (JohnDickerson), whom I quote in a recent tweet “jdickersonJust ate a double cheese burger with butter at Kroll’s in Green Bay. I may get a visit from one of those death panels soon.” He has two identities, the one I quoted is his personal one, and he has another for links, where he is appearing, etc.

I’m sure many of you already know all this, but I include this paragraph because you’ll want people to know you know your way around the site by what you post. Tweet forms vary. The @Name is the way you reply/comment with a member. The RT-Name is for giving someone credit for a tweet that is good enough to be read again. (At this point that is just a user convention. Twitter has something in Beta that will make it a formal thing in the next few weeks). The Twitter-assigned tiny URL at the end is the referential link about which you’ve written your tweet. The #subject is the form used to identify something as searchable because of wide current interest.

So, to summarize: Pay attention to your Twitter network and your profile page. Know your way around with the Twitter forms and conventions. News items should be timely, and can point to any link. Tweets should stand out in some interesting way. Interactivity increases visibility. And have fun!

Useful Links: Twitter profiles to attract Twitter followers | New Media |JBS …” says your profile can make a difference. Here are Ten ways to instantly attract followers on Twitter (687). And last How to attract followers on Twitter and build a useful network … might be helpful.


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