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Freedom of Speech?

People on the MoveI got an unsolicited Email from a Republican teabagger inviting me to attend a “peaceful protest” in front of an SEIO facility. I am a progressive, so I naturally, opted out of the Email list and will not be doing the gig. But Zi was left a bit confused about the true and best meaning of the right to free speech.
On the surface, disruption of a public meeting that forces it to actually shut down, does not seem guaranteed by the constitution. That seems like anarchy, or at the least, “disturbing the peace.” It seems like protesters have the right to chant and march at a location, if they do not block the entrances to people wanting to go inside. And dissenters have every right to peacefully ask any kind of questions of elected representatives that they wish. Contentious discourse is allowed. But there are limits and I believe the worst of the teabaggers go beyond the limits of propriety and lawfulness.
Just call me quaint. . .


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