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Behind the links in my "500 Words" essay at S/SW:

Today’s post takes you behind the links in my blog post for today at South by Southwest.

Intro – Haiku by “betmo” —

family circles
grow forming communities-
sharing mother earth.


Why is it that so many of us stay “plugged in?” My collected writings and blog friends, such as Sirens Chronicles, are reasons. And why do, according to the NYT, “others get discouraged and drop out?” We often do this for a long time, despite frustration (S/SW March 2005)

What is it we want? Editor of AARP The Magazine says, “Good health, financial security, family and community, giving back, having fun.” Find out vital information about H1N1 flu. Politico talks about: opinions we respect and this is about who will shade the truth, according to The Democratic Strategist. We learn who is “up” and who is “down, politically” from Politico.

With whom do we associate? Democracy for America members are activists. We also enjoy “associating” with the powerful or famous, such as the President. Members of One.org make a difference. Whether faith-based or nonbelievers with a strong sense of morality, it is human nature to want to make things better, as those in this Democratic Strategist article do.

Where do we hang out? Glenn Greenwald’s a favorite I read and my most trustworthy news site is the Financial Times. I am interested in blog friends such as Betmo, communities to whom I belong, such as TPM Cafe, and references I use like emptywheel. The aggregator Memeorandum is a tool that helps, and Twitter helps stay ahead of information overload. Catching up on the news is easy with Bloglines. I am currently editing my new web page, Southwest Progressive.

When we surf the Internet is a very individual choice. Owls and larks mentioned in the following post best choose writing at the times when they are most alert. Bloggers like Michael J.W, Stickings post while on vacation, or when they are sick, sad or wanting to celebrate.

Celebrating us!

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