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Water and other necessities of life – links

On July 9, Diane sent some links to articles on water (from AlterNet) that she says are “worth the read:”
Her into:

____I’m glad we installed a reverse-osmosis system back in 2002 so we didn’t have to buy bottled water. I hope more people will do so (or use the Brita (sp???) water pitcher – coming from Michigan and living not that far from a local inland lake, made me aware of not only the water supply and our needs, but protecting the waters for fish – etc. I think these articles are worth checking out. Diane

Will bottled water companies suck the Great Lakes dry?~”
Tell Congress you want to know what’s in your bottled water~”
Michigan citizens win a victory over Nestle~”
Wake up California; here’s what a real water crisis looks like~”
David v. Goliath: Help Michigan citizens protect their water from Nestle bottling operations~”
Singapore becomes a model for water technology and reuse~”
Small Towns vs. Nestlé~”


Farmer group focuses ire on Monsanto~” is from Signs of the Times (7/2/09).

Big brother is watching: The technologies that keep track of you~,” is from The Telegraph-UK (7/2/09).

Healthier Hygiene — Finding Safer Personal Care Products#,” is from Web MD. Jon notes,”I have been buying unscented products for a long time.”

Spake the geezer to the stripling youth*,” is from Joe Bageant.com (4/26/09). Betmo labels it a, “breath of fresh air.”

Hat Tip Key: Regular contributors of links to leads are Betmo*, Diane~ and Jon#.

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