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Palin declares her independence —

Diane~ said, “This seemed like the perfect picture for the 4th of July.”

Should we have seen this coming?

Here’s What We Know About Sarah Palin’s Decision#,” is from The Huffington Post (7/4/09).

McCain says Palin to play leadership role as ex-Governor#,” is from Reuters (7/4/09).

Palin resigning as Alaska governor#,” is from Yahoo! News (7/3/09).

“Yes, we’re still waiting to read Palin’s e-mails~,” is from sott.net (7/3/09). Diane said, “Miss ‘Piggy-Palin’ (the pain, as I call her) is back in the news again.”

Sarah Palin Turns Pro#,” is by Paul Begala at The Huffington Post (7/3/09).

Did an embezzlement scandal force Sarah Palin to resign?#” is from Think Progress (7/3/09).

Exclusive: Palin Resignation ‘Damage Control’ for Coming ‘Iceberg Scandal’ …More: Embezzlement Indictments coming#?” is from The Brad Blog (7/3/09).

House of Pain: GOP’s Class of ’94#,” is from Yahoo! News (7/2/09). Jon comments, “Hypocrisy will catch up to you every time. Most of these are rabid bible thumpers and they ought to know better.”

Palin ally compares McCain campaign chief to Tony Soprano,#” is from The Raw Story (7/1/09)

Palin: I’d come out ahead in run against Obama#,” is from Yahoo! News (6/30/09).

“Sarah Palin: An ‘unholy amalgam’#,” is from Yahoo! News (6/30/09).

Palin wrote an e-mail to friends pretending to be God: ‘Trig’s Creator, Your Heavenly Father’#,” is from Think Progress (6/30/09). Jon wondered, “Wow, can you imagine what if? Delusional fantasies and difficulty telling the truth?”

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