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What are people thinking about?

Norm Coleman, Senator from Minnesota.Image via Wikipedia

GOP Senator Norm Coleman concedes the Minnesota election:

GOP’s Coleman concedes, sending Franken to Senate#,” is from Yahoo! News (6/30/09).

“Joe Repya Quits Minnesota GOP Says Party In ‘Death Spiral’ “ is from Skewz.com – Media Bias (6/24/09). Leans toward Liberal.

“Coleman Owes Franken $95K – Politics News Briefs | Newser” is from Skewz.com – Media Bias (6/17/09). Leans toward Liberal.

The death of Michael Jackson

Doctor tells police about Jackson’s final moments#,” is from Yahoo! News (6/28/09). Jon adds, “Leave it to good old Jesse Jackson to stick his nose where it does not belong.”

The Big Picture

The Truth Alone Will Not Set You Free~,” is by Chris Hedges from Signs of the Times.net (6/29/09). Diane said, “This is a long article but I found it very worthwhile.”

Netizens Beware

Charging for Online Content Gets Closer~,” is from Business Week (6/25/09). To quote Diane: “Of course many of us remember when television was free, and Jerry Lewis told Merv Griffith that one day we’d be paying for it – and we are!”


FiveThirtyEight – Politics Done Right” comes from Diane~, who said, “I find this web-site to be extremely helpful and interesting, so thought you might like to share it.”

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