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Is it any wonder Republicans fall out of favor?

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Like Bill Moyers we must expose and speak out against these kinds of things!

Bill Moyers Journal: Pray the Devil Back to Hell*,” is from Dandelion Salad (6/20/09).

The end of civil rights*,” is from the field negro (6/19/09).

AIG says ex-CEO took billions from retirement fund out of anger,)(” is from The Seattle Times (6/16/09).

S.C. GOPer: Gorilla ‘one of Michelle’s ancestors’#,” is from The Raw Story (6/14/09).

fear nutjobs with guns, not ‘anti-government’ ideas)(, ” is by Charles Davis from false dichotomy (6/13/09).

Rick Santorum Offers Up Some Racist Dating Advice#,” is from AlterNet. Summary: “The Republican gave some dating advice, then took the opportunity to say that African-American men aren’t interested in marriage.” Jon asks, “what about bush constantly flying to his ranch for 400+ days of vacation?”

Hat Tip Key: Regular contributors of links to leads are Betmo*, Dan’l+, Diane)(, and Jon#.

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