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Making Noise – links

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Stuck in Stupid*,” is from Survival Acres (6/12/09). Betmo labels this “Just the facts, ma’am.”

The Last Post (),” is from The News Guy’s Letters (6/11/09). (Diane’s thinking of you today) labels this “Another blogger ‘rants’ on how fed up he is with this country.” Diane is a friend of Betmo’s.

Relief from loud TV ads may be near#,” is from McClatchy News and Yahoo! (6/10/09).

Elite Colleges Are Promoting a Culture of Selfish, Cutthroat Behavior and We Are All Paying the Price#,” is from AlterNet (5/23/09). Summary: “The results are campus environments where disregard for society is socially accepted, where misguided students are encouraged to become worse.”

Hat Tip Key
: Regular contributors of links to leads are Betmo*, Dan’l+, Diane(), and Jon#.

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