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War on Drugs – links

Hey Progressives: Why Don’t you Care About the “Drug War” Like You Care About Other Issues?#,” is from AlterNet (6/12/09). “If the 500,000 nonviolent drug offenders in jail had white faces, would society allow it?”

Congress Introduces HR 2835, The Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act#,” is from Common Dreams (6/12/09). Summary: Bill would reschedule marijuana for medical use, end federal interference in state laws. Jon adds, “this is huge. By placing mmj under sch.2 they are admitting that it does have medicinal properties.”

Government runs nation’s only legal pot garden#,” is from CNN.com (5/18/09).

Ending the War on Drugs: The Moment is Now#,” is from The Huffington Post (5/14/09)

White House Czar Calls for End to ‘War on Drugs’#,” is from The Wall Street Journal (5/14/09).

Scientists, FDA at odds over benefits of marijuana#,” is from The Colorado Gazette.com (5/2/09).

“Scwarzenegger says ‘time for debate’ on legal marijuana#” was from the Sacramento Bee. (Link has expired; e-mail dated 5/5/09).

Hat Tip Key
: Regular contributors of links to leads are Betmo*, Dan’l+ and Jon#.

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