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Coming to the blank page

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Coming upon a blank page for a writer is either a challenge or an opportunity. These days, at least for me, it presents more challenge than opportunity. The challenges are:

  • I ask myself whether I have anything to say to the world today.
  • I do not have a good sense of whom is my audience.
  • Do I have too much to say, based on taking in too much information.
  • I wonder whether I want to join the current buzz or change the subject.
  • I sometimes feel as if I am repeating myself.
  • Am I tired, or fresh enough to think well and avoid errors.
  • What if I feel uninspired, dull or worried about boring my readers
  • Writing is both objective and subjective. Which voice for this?
  • Will I write about thoughts or feelings?
  • Do I feel funny or serious?

Now to look for the opportunities. Are they possibly the other sides of the challenge coins?

  • I often have things to say that are well-received.
  • Site Meter can provide much info about who reads and why.
  • Less time spent and easier work involves cutting back on news resources.
  • Opportunity for better work means cutting out unproductive scanning and reading prep.
  • The first efforts of the day could be spent on the most important platform.
  • Inspiration always comes serendipitously. Writers cannot mandate it for themselves.
  • Honesty and being authentic makes for freshness of ideas and perspective.
  • Choosing the best voice means making a good match with the subject and with my mood.
  • Writing about something about which I care pays off for me and for my readers.
  • The opportunity remains to achieve great satisfaction from creativity.

My brand new blog is called “Behind the Links.

Carol Gee – Online Universe is the all-in-one home page for my websites.

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