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What are the advocates up to?

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ACLU(at left, Anthony Romero, ACLU Dir.)
Urge your senator to ask Attorney General Holder about appointing an independent prosecutor to get at the full truth about torture,” Carolyn Fredrickson, Director of the Washington office of the ACLU, advocates for justice. The ACLU of Texas is attempting to stop the passage of legislation that would make local governments account for, and enforce complicated immigration laws.

Save newspapers and magazines
“Imagine a world without journalism. . . ” comes from my weekly newsletter at The Nation Magazine (5/6/09). There is not a pundit I enjoy as much as Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation‘s editor. And writer Chris Hayes is one of the best and brightest. To whit, “If a US soldier was captured and water boarded 183 times in one month, something tells me Fox News would say he was tortured.” Quoting my e-mail,

Now the lights are going out across America. Newspapers are dying. Others are slashing staff and shrinking coverage. Serious magazines are threatened by soaring costs. We can’t afford to lose a vigorous, crtical, investigative press, especially at this time of seismic change.

Journalism — Mr. Greenwald gets a letter…and writes one*,” from Firedoglake (5/4/09). Someone objects to Greenwald’s “Izzy” award; Greenwald demolishes him. Worth the read — an example of why investigative journalism is so vital. *HT to betmo.

Health Care Reform —
What about your Senators?” Charles Chamberlain of Democracy for America, asks. Congress is making big health care decisions this week and next. Here are a couple of handy phone numbers for calling your Senator or U.S. Rep. to push for the kind of health care reform you want. 1) Senate Switchboard: (202) 224-3121, House Switchboard: 2) (202) 225-3121.

Social networking — Should the White House be a Place for Friends?” from the New York Times (5/4/09). Summary: “The Obama Administration wants to open government with social networks. Privacy advocates worry that gives the government too much access to our lives.”

SCOTUS — Replacing David Souter,” from Tom’s Civil Liberties Blog at About.com (5/1/09).

Pork — “No one wants these war planes — except Congress. ” is an effort sponsored by Credo Action to stop Congress from it pork-barrel funding the wasteful C-17 transport planes.

IMF —A bad deal was averted (for now)” notes Josh Peck of One.org. The IMF is keeping its commitment to double its lending to low-income countries.

Obama — 100 Days Video -President Obama” from Mitch Stewart of Organizing for America (4/30/09).

Hat Tip Key: Regular contributors of links to leads are Betmo*, Dan’l+ and Jon#.

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