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WASHINGTON - MARCH 15:  Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Media still bored by Obama press conferences*,” from Media Matters (4/30/09). Betmo comments, “I didn’t know they were supposed to be entertained. It’s a press conference – not a variety show!”

Media Matters looks at 100 days of . . . *,” from Media Matters (4/29/09). I highly recommend this link! It is a compendium of examples of media bias that is quite eye-opening.

300 Photos From Obama’s First 100 Days: Behind The Scenes#,” from The Huffington Post (4/29/09).

A Traitor Among Us? The Dems Lieberman Problem#,” from Time Magazine (11/6/08). Jon commented a few days ago (prophetically), “If we could get another R to come over then we could kick Lieberman to the curb.”

GOP Stripped Flu Pandemic Preparedness From Stimulus [UPDATED]#,” from The Huffington Post (4/27/09).

Iraq: US raid ‘crime’ that breaks security pact#,” from Yahoo! News (4/26/09).

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