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Following the Presidential comments on torture —

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We Could have Done This the Right Way,#” from Newsweek Magazine (4/25/09). Summarized: “How Ali Soufan, an FBI agent, got Abu Zubaydah to talk without torture.”

“Olbermann and Elizabeth de la Vega*,” from Buzz Flash (4/24/09). Regarding questions about how to proceed with accountability. Betmo muses, tongue in cheek, “maybe we should just waterboard them then.”

FBI weren’t the only ones objecting to torture in 2002 — so did the Army, Marines and Air Force#,” by Jane Hamsher from The Huffington Post (4/23/09).

Ed Schultz: “Cheney Wants This Country To Get Hit Again For Political Gain” (VIDEO)#,” from The Huffington Post (4/23/09).

The Torture Moment#,” from The Huffington Post (4/23/09).

Disgraced commander calls out Cheney for ‘scapegoating’ Abu Ghraib soldiers#,” from The Raw Story (4/23/09). To quote:

A Senate report revealed that former President George Bush and top-ranking officials in his administration approved harsh interrogation techniques that were later used in prisons at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib. Former Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski claims soldiers convicted in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal were victims of scapegoating and had been merely obeying orders.

“In my judgment, the report represents a condemnation of both the Bush administration’s interrogation policies and of senior administration officials who attempted to shift the blame for abuse – such as that seen at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and Afghanistan – ..


The Red Cross Torture Report: What It Means (4/30/09)” by Mark Danner, from The New York Review of Books. To quote:

When it comes to torture, it is not what we did but what we are doing. It is not what happened but what is happening and what will happen. In our politics, torture is not about whether or not our polity can ‘let the past be past’–whether or not we can ‘get beyond it and look forward.’ Torture, for Dick Cheney and for President Bush and a significant portion of the American people, is more than a repugnant series of ‘procedures’ applied to a few hundred prisoners in American custody during the last half-dozen or so years–procedures that are
described with chilling and patient particularity in this authoritative report by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Torture is more than the specific techniques–the forced nudity, sleep deprivation, long-term standing, and suffocation by water,’ among others–that were applied to those fourteen ‘high-value detainees’ and likely many more at the ‘black site’ prisons secretly maintained by the CIA on three continents.

Hersh: Children sodomized at Abu Ghraib, on tape#,” by Alex Koppelman at Salon.com (7/15/04).

Here are the new torture pictures via Raw Story/Warning Graphic#,” from The Democratic Underground. Date Unknown.

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