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Catching up with Texas —

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Secessionist Gov. Rick Perry asks for federal help to deal with swine flu#,” from Think Progress (4/26/09). Jon adds, “great comments about good hair ricky perry.”

Why Is Texas So Psycho?#,” from AlterNet (4/25/09). Summarized, “The Governor of Texas is one bad haircut away from Blagojevichian levels of gubernatorial gooberness.”

Let’s mess with Texas#,” from Yahoo! News (4/24/09).

Perry: Fed up Texans might soon want to secede#,” from The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, by Anna M. Tinsley (4/15/09). To quote:

Texans are fed up with federal tax policies, and might get so fed up that they decide they want to secede from the union, Gov. Rick Perry told reporters today after he attended an anti-tax tea party rally in Austin.

He said the federal government has gone somewhat astray from what our founders wanted and he believes the federal government is choking Americans with excessive spending and taxation.

And although Perry made it clear he doesn’t see the need to secede and isn’t advocating for that, he said there’s no question that’s on the mind of some Texans. That was obvious at tea parties around the state, where “Secede” was a popular slogan on signs

Hat Tip Key: Regular contributors of links to leads are Betmo*, Dan’l+ and Jon#.

Bonus — Texas voting records:

Confirmation of Christopher R. Hill to be Ambassador to the Republic of Iraq : Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison voted Yes and Sen. John Cornyn voted No. Vote confirmed 73-23.

COPS Improvements Act of 2009 : Rep. Kay Granger voted No. Vote passed: 342-78

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