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World Clock*”

Table of Condiments that Periodically Go Bad*”

Daily Celebrations:” by date. Ideas to motivate educate and inspire.

New York Times
Link Generator – make your NYT links permanent. Tiny URL – make long links usable. Form tool to strip HTML tags. Simple form to enter a URL in any document. License your work at Creative Commons. Consolidates several standard search tools with Dogpile Web Search.

All in one Netvibes location for my websites Carol Gee – Online Universe.

*Hat Tip to “betmo” for the two top links.

My topical posts today at South by Southwest, Behind the Links, and The Reaction are all about politics.

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    • One of my diplomatic favorites, Dennis Ross, writes insightfully about making the nuclear deal with Iran work out - 2 days ago
    • Sen. Mark Kirk takes a reasonable stand on the question of defunding Planned Parenthood. Congrats are in order. 2 days ago
    • RT @TheFix: 468 days until the 2016 election! . . . I say UGH! 2 days ago
    • Opponents of Iran Nuke deal fail to understand that IAEA is the best vehicle the world has available for ascertaining Iranian compliance. 2 days ago
    • Unnerving how easy it is for a police officer to escalate what needs to be a reasonable discussion during a stop. 2 days ago

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