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What’s behind Behind the Links?


On February 6 this website made its debut. At Behind the Links, my regular contributors and I will be bringing you a daily digest of the items that interest us. We are voracious readers and we would like to share the news with others, based on regular themes. Those themes are:

  1. Monday news – Links to the Opposition’s views
  2. Tuesday news – Legislative links
  3. Wednesday news – Links to The People
  4. Thursday news – Links about Wars
  5. Friday news – Links to the Obama Administration
  6. Saturday news – Worldwide links
  7. Sundays – Links to the Rule of Law

You can tell the source of the news or opinion item by its Name or by the symbol at the end of the link. My regular contributors symbols are “betmo*” and Jon#. All items will be sorted by subject area and will also include the origination site and date. And we invite your comments. Send the links you think fit well with the theme of the day, if you like.

We share an interest in politics from a Progressive viewpoint. We are also curious and interested in science news, news about space, and human interest items. We are all a bit quirky and interested in oddities. So a daily scan will give you a variety of topical and interesting links to the current news theme of the day.

Hat Tip Key: Regular contributors of links to leads are “betmo*” and Jon#.

My “creativity and dreaming” post today is at Making Good Mondays.

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