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It is hard to know where to begin to tell you . . .

. . . what is happening today. — We have never seen anything resembling what is currently going on in U.S. politics. Memeorandum is a great resource for finding out all about the current political scene. I highly recommend it. And I have news items gleaned from my friend “betmo’s” in-box.

Republicans will perhaps have completely sorted themselves out by the end of the day tomorrow. More importantly a unique history is being written by the two Democratic presidential candidates, now neck and neck in the polls. I watched yesterday’s spectacular Obama rally in California. Maria Shriver made a surprise appearance endorsing Barack Obama. Oprah Winfrey spoke and Michelle Obama turned in a spectacular performance as a passionate rallying speaker and advocate for “the least of these” among us. It was impressive, to say the least.

Senator Barack Obama is rising meteorically as tomorrow’s big Super Tuesday elections in 20+ states are now upon us. Obama rallied support all over the nation, from the polls and from endorsements. A New York Times story cleverly headlined, ” In Democratic Families, Politics Makes for Estranged Bedfellows.” It is happening all over the nation as people choose between the two best candidates we have seen in a long time. I have yet to make up my own mind. My preferences swing like a weather vane. It is a delicious dilemma.

More blog amnesty honors — My blog buddy and in-box supplier, betmo, sent me a couple of a small blog site’s good posts. It was a good tip from a fine blogger herself. This well-done blog with six contributors has some great stuff and a catchy title, “And, yes, I DO take it personally.” This “little blog” just celebrated their 150,000 visitor. It was all news to me, beginning with an election and then a military story:

  • “You want to read something REALLY funny?“This is a fine reflection on how it could happen here (in a New York minute), from “The List: How to Steal an Election Without Breaking a Sweat” in Foreign Policy Magazine. It has an eerily familiar ring to it, and would be a very informative read in this election year of 2008.
  • “The co-optation continues,” as Global Research reports that NATO is setting up bases in Bulgaria. Because I live in defense contract/military base, city I can understand why the Bulgarian city fathers would look to a military installation to shore up an ailing municipality.

And on the terrible down side, from my fierce friend, “betmo” came this very disheartening news — US Military Doctors Infect Guantanamo Detainee with HIV, reports After Downing Street. To quote:

US Attorney H. Candace Gorman has revealed that her client Abdul Hamid Al-Ghizzawi has been infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Al Ghizzawi believes the infection happened during medical procedures at Guantanamo in 2004 when he was given a blood test which resulted in alarm amongst the hospital staff. Al Ghizzawi was not given any explanation for the alarm at the time. As a result Al-Ghizzawi has now been told that he is suffering from Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Having already been suffering from Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis (which he also acquired at Guantanamo) Al Ghizzawi has been held in severe isolation in Camp 6.

But “betmo’s” last contribution to my in-box was very upbeat, a good note upon which to end today’s post. It involves action and making things better by working together. It is actually like an Obama thing, in that regard. The story gives us Eight Earth-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions – to revisit this in February. Each of these strategies has a good follow-through link at this great Environmental Defense Fund website.

  1. Replace my conventional light bulbs with energy efficient ones.
  2. Calculate my carbon footprint.
  3. Make small changes at home.
  4. Drive like the earth depends on it.
  5. Buy carbon offsets to help offset my emissions further.
  6. Choose seafood that’s good for me and the ocean.
  7. Write my members of Congress demanding a strong global warming law.
  8. Pass this list to my friends and family.

View my current slide show about the Bush years, “Millennium,” at the bottom of this column.

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My “creativity and dreaming” post today is at Making Good Mondays.

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