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Surfacing again

There is nothing like a clear blue Western sky.And, for some reason, it is easier to observe that sky color if things are going well. And I must say that thinks are looking up for my family of origin and I these days.

Our mom is now living in a much better nursing home, after a whirlwind transfer amid oodles of red tape. Because I am a social worker and rather obsessive, I was able to plow through it without getting discouraged. I do now know how people do it, who are new to the process of finding an adequate facility for an aging relative. It is confusing, bureaucratic, terribly expensive and anxiety-producing for all concerned. Generally my siblings and I have been able to agree on things, which is a miracle, given that we are a rather take-charge bunch. But my mom and siblings are generous hospitable souls, so that takes over when things get sticky.

Catching up on the news has been an interesting challenge. The Democratic Strategist carried an interesting story on Democrats and poverty. As a social worker I am very aware that poverty is a continuing issue, despite Republican efforts to minimize or ignore it since coming into power. To quote the newsletter,

Dems Have Growing Mandate to Help Poor
The first presidential primary debates of both parties made it clear that only one party embraces a commitment to government policies to help people living in poverty. Fortunately for Dems, an increasing percentage of Americans are embracing this commitment as well, according to analysis of recent polls conducted by Ruy Teixeira.

And for one of the best quick and clever news resources I continue to recommend Politico.com. Their stable of good writers is growing and they have remained very topical and even-handed. Take a look, or do what I did – subscribe to an e-mail digest. Very convenient!

To my faithful readers – Thanks for the loyalty. You have been with me even when I have not been with you. Who could ask for a better little-blogger community?

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