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Quick links for good actions

It is a shame – Contacting the Congress is a website for use by those who want to demand that your elected representatives get something done for our wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital.

Good advice from a fellow blogger about our world; read betmo’s post called “We only have one home.”

See you all in a few days. I’m getting a medical ear repair done tomorrow, but I plan to be back before very long.


3 thoughts on “Quick links for good actions

  1. Thanks, betmo. I have a great doc; it went well. I have a recuperation regimen that, happily, does not preclude blogging. (I am not permitted to blow my nose – but I can still “blow off steam” in blog world.)
    “See” ya. Regards from C.

  2. carol- that’s ok- i am blowing my nose enough for both of us– and sneezing to boot!! good to have you back and able to blog. 🙂

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