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Finding Information on the Web

What’s the catch?

An internet search is a fishing expedition. We are afloat in a sea of information. If we cast the net we hope for a catch worth keeping.
Remembering the exciting results of my first “search” in 1996, I realize that the process remains a magical one for me. It is for this that I collect search engines.
My regulars include: Google, Yahoo! Ask.com. I started way back when with LookSmart, Lycos, and AltaVista. My “Combined-style” engines include: Webcrawler, Dogpile, and Metacrawler. Mozilla Firefox has a built-in search bar, as does the Google toolbar. I have also used the mywebsearch toolbar; it is my favorite combined-type, because of its nifty button system. Dogpile is my default search site.
Internet Archive : You can find almost anything that has ever been on the world wide web. The Wayback Machine is the ultimate “search engine,” if you have a web address. It does not support keyword searches at this time, however. To quote,

About the Wayback Machine
Browse through 55 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago. To start surfing the Wayback, type in the web address of a site or page where you would like to start, and press enter. Then select from the archived dates available. The resulting pages point to other archived pages at as close a date as possible.


My “creative post” today at Southwest Blogger is a short photo essay about being “out there.”

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