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Keeping blogging balanced

The successful blog post, in my opinion, is a good balance of:

  • what you think/feel about a subject or idea
  • what someone else has to say about that or a similar subject
  • readable content that is current and/or pertinent
  • visually interesting style and content
  • correct length for the subject

How much should be original? Your insight about something that is happening, or has happened is interesting to you. Your intellect, cleverness, humor or passion shows through. You write in an authentic and genuine way.

How much material from another source should be included? It is a balancing act to include enough to buttress your point, but not too much to “wade through.” Respect for intellectual property demands a proper link, citation of source and a quote that is not much more than three paragraphs or so. It is helpful to include the date of it, the author, the publication and key words.

A balanced blog entry is one that hangs together in both form and substance. The very best ones show the author’s commitment to the subject; they ring true to us.


My current “creative post” at Southwest Blogger is about a sandwich.


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