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Found in a "fact finder" search

Just the facts, ma’am – My favorite search engine is Dogpile (title linked above). Using the search results and borrowing from my own “Reference” favorites, here is my gift to all blogger journalists, trivia nuts, or just curious people,

Top Ten List + One/Favorite Fact Tools. Enjoy!

  1. Information Please – Infoplease.com (“world’s largest free reference site”)
  2. Google Help – Cheat sheet (how to “google”)
  3. Metro City Guide & Yellow Pages – HelloMetro (world wide)
  4. U.S. Census Bureau – American FactFinder
  5. Annenberg Political Fact Check – FactCheck.org (holding politicians accountable)
  6. Online Directory for the 109th Congress – Contacting the Congress
  7. Washington Post – Votes Database (browse every vote in the U.S. Congress since 1991)
  8. The Smithsonian – Smithsonian Institution
  9. British economists – Euro Know -(A concise Encyclopedia of the European Union)
  10. American Heritage – YourDictionary.com
  11. Learn how everything works! – HowStuffWorks


My “creative post” today at Southwest Blogger is about the further adventures of Mason Jar.


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