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Exciting times

June is around the middle of the year. That means that 2006 is racing past for some of us, who wait anxiously for the time when politics will again be something about which to become excited. In fact, I catch myself just a little excited as I write these words. I had been feeling news and politics burnout.
Elections will happen in November! We are turning the corner. Yes, the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives can have Democrats in the offices of leadership. Yes, you might have a Democratic governor, Senator or Representative. It is entirely possible. But it will take a bit of luck and a lot of slogging to make it happen. . . one citizen by one citizen. Are you ready?
Democrats will not win just because Republicans lose. Those candidates who get elected must have earned the post to which they aspire. And that is not confined to just a matter of money. They must have a clear and consistent message that indicates they believe in something. I think voters are increasingly fed up with fence-stradlers. And disgruntled Republicans may just stay home, rather than vote for Democrats. We can assume nothing.
Voters often do not begin to think about their choices until late in the campaign, and unfortunately, events often sway the outcome as much or more as the candidates’ messages. Thus candidates’ responses or stances regarding the news events make or break their chances for victory. And, as with their previously stated positions, their reactions to events must also be clear and consistent.
October and November are when things will get really interesting. Campaign coffers will be full or empty, staffers will be in conflict with each other or working together like a well-oiled machine, candidates will have conserved enough energy to be coherent or they will be totally confused, voters will be ready to make their choices or more ready to skip the whole thing, and the news media will be acting responsibly or irresponsibley.
The dynamic is what makes it exciting for me. It is the old fashioned story of democracy at work. I am not old or cynical enough yet to be bored by the whole thing. I, like so many millions of you, believe it is worth the effort of keeping tuned in and fresh to the process. Later, folks.


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